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    请问 目前orillusion引擎有可试用版本吗?



  • We look forward to building the first global WebGPU community.

    If you read this article, it means that you are already a seed member of the community! Welcome to join!

    Currently, the community is in the closed beta period, and the administrator needs to review it before posting and replying.

    Why open up the community?

    In order to allow Orillusion users to have more communication and share their own experience with others, so that everyone has an open and free platform to discuss with WebGPU, engine, rendering and even broader topics.

    In order to encourage everyone, our community has established a "prestige" mechanism. When you post a topic or reply to other users, click "Like" to get a certain prestige value. We will send some small gifts at a fixed time according to everyone's prestige value.

    Last but not least,

    I hope everyone will work together to build an open, free and professional community environment.